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Back by popular demand, Bob Wallin Insurance is donating again to local non-profits and we are letting YOU nominate and vote for the winner!!

This year, there will be THREE winners!

First place will receive a $2000 donation

Second place will receive a $1000 donation

Third place will receive a $500 donation

Here is the who, what, why, where and how!

What is this all about?

Bob Wallin insurance will be accepting nominations during the month of February for local, 501C3 non-profits who are eligible to win 1st, 2nd or 3rd place!  For the entire month of February, you can nominate a non-profit as long as it fits these three requirements:

-LOCAL Whatcom county charity.

-501C3 filing with IRS

-Complete an official Bob Wallin Insurance Nomination Form that will be available at

www.bwicares.com on February 1st .

Nominations will be taken the month of February, voting will take place in the month of March, and the winners will be announced in April.

Who is Eligible?

Any Whatcom County based charity that is listed with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) and has had an official nomination form submitted to Bob Wallin Insurance.

Why is Bob Wallin Insurance Giving This Money Away?

A better questions is….Why not? Bob Wallin Insurance believes community is more than geography.  Community is who we are and like a family, we help each other out.  We want to engage the community in a worthy cause to focus on the good around us, and in the process help so many of the great causes out there get noticed.  Last year we had over 5,400 votes and many, many people talking, reading, emailing about all the different non profits in our community.  It was a great opportunity for everyone.

Where Can I Find More Information, the Nomination Form, and Vote?

Bob Wallin Insurance has a dedicated community website, www.bwicares.com, where we announce, promote, and post the community events we are involved in.  You can also contact Suzanne Taylor, Suzanne@bobwallin.com or 360-734-5204, who heads up the community outreach at Bob Wallin Insurance

How Do I Nominate a Non-Profit?

Starting February 1st, go to www.bwicares.com , click on the NON-PROFIT tab and complete the official Bob Wallin Insurance Nomination Form.  You will get a confirmation once you hit submit. This automatically submits the non-profit.  As long as they meet all three requirements, they will be posted on the webpage to be voted on. Starting March 1st, the voting will begin. Only 1 vote per Email Address Follow along on the voting process and see the results grow.  One week before the deadline for last vote, which will be March 24th at 7pm, the result tracker will be removed so it truly is a surprise!

In April, the winners will be surprised with their award!

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