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On Wednesday, December 16th 2020, we dropped off all the wonderful and generously donated presents to The Salvation Army that our staff and clients purchased. It is always an exciting process but also a humbling experience as well. We appreciate everyone who participated! The generosity was so great we were able to double and triple some of the items they asked for such as clothing and toys!! We were also able to raise over $200 in gift cards to Fred Meyer for the family as well. To give you an idea of the need… Below are some photos. When we dropped off our loot for the #AdoptAFamily at #TheSalvationArmy, we saw an entire gym, lined with empty boxes that represented families and children waiting to be adopted. Each White bag you see in the gymnasium represents a family in need. The gymnasium was so full, we were in the overflow section of the chapel. Each pew was dedicated to a larger family in need. Each family goes through an application process to qualify and are not allowed to receive relief the following year. These are ALL NEW families in need. The staff informed us that the teens usually get out because people request babies or families with babies. They also have “forgotten senior” who are in an assisted living facility of some sort but have no family or friends to spend the holidays with. As you can see, the need is great for these local families who are struggling. Please join us next year and if you’re so inclined, consider adopting an extra teen or forgotten senior with us next year! Thank you again for all your support and generosity!!