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2020 Adopt A Family

Thank you for joining us again for our annual Adopt a Family!! This year we have adopted a single mother with 5 kids; 2yr old boy, 8yr old girl, 9yr old girl, 11 yr old boy, and a 13 yr old boy! Items are due in our office by Tuesday 12/15/2020.

Giving truly is the greatest gift of all, and that is the gift the Salvation Army gives to the parents of up to 500 local low-income families every year. In early fall they take applications for gift assistance, where families give them a wish list for their children. After the applications are complete they take those gift requests and put them on tags which we hang on our Giving Trees set up in various businesses throughout the county. Patrons of these businesses then take these tags and buy whatever is requested on the tag, then return the gift to them so that we can distribute the gifts to the parents in December.

Not all families are assisted in this manner. During the application process they interview each family, and when they find a family that is suffering excessive hardship they will recommend them for Adoption. Families recommended for Adoption are sponsored by local businesses, agencies, and private benefactors who pay for all of the gifts received by the family.

This year is the family’s first year getting assistance from The Salvation Army.  It was just harder this year than usual and they are really struggling with household items.  Many of their “want” items are basic needs.

Thank you for joining us in bringing a little extra joy to this family on Christmas!

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