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Animals as Naturally Therapy

Contact Person: Sonja Wingard

Animals as Natural Therapy serves youth, veterans, teens in recovery, and elders with equine therapy and small animal “fuzz therapy.”

Assumption Catholic School Foundation

Contact Person: Dan Anderson

This non profit was established to provide tuition assistance, operations support and other financial assistance to Assumption Catholic School. The foundation has been existence from 2004 and has been a vital asset for the school in providing support for students in need and other support.

Bellingham Food Bank

Contact Person: MIKE COHEN

Bellingham Food Bank is the largest food bank in the region serving all of Whatcom County and part of San Juan County as well. They provide food to 1 in every 5 households in Bellingham and more than 3,000 families throughout Whatcom County every single week. Half of their clients are children or senior citizens.

Bellingham Giving Circle

Contact Person: Kate Grinde

The Bellingham Giving Circle is a local non-profit with a mission to support the needs of these homeless kids in order for them to stay in school. These children, identified as unaccompanied homeless teenagers, do not live with a parent or guardian but are enrolled in the Bellingham School District. Due to their age and because they have no parent or guardian, they are not eligible for many community services.

Blue Skies for Children

Contact Person: Julie Guay

Blue Skies mission is to raise hope and self esteem by sponsoring enrichment activities and other essentials such as shoes, back to school backpacks, and warm winter coats, for homeless, low-income and foster children.

Brigadoon Service Dogs

Contact Person: Denise Costanten

The mission of Brigadoon Service Dogs is to train dogs to provide, assistance to veterans, children, and adults with physical and developmental disabilities.

Chuckanut Bay Athletic Association (Rugby)

Contact Person: Craig Brown

Chuckanut Bay Rugby Club provides opportunities to athletes ages 5+ to participate in and to enjoy unique experiences and shared values of friendships, competition and fair play. Rugby is one of the most popular sports in the world and our club has been active in our community since 1973.

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services

Contact Person: Meghan Hoglund

The mission of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services of Whatcom County (DVSAS) is to support individuals affected by domestic violence, sexual assault, and sexual exploitation and to lead the community towards ending these abuses of power. Since 1979, DVSAS has provided immediate and ongoing advocacy-based counseling, support groups, and safe housing, empowering thousands of people each year. Additionally, DVSAS facilitates gender-based violence prevention education to help break the cycle of violence for the next generation. Workshops are offered to middle and high school students across Whatcom County, as well as to businesses and community groups. Support from volunteers, donors, and partners allows DVSAS to provide these critical programs and services to those who need them most, free of charge.

Generations Early Learning & Family Center

Contact Person: Heidi Bugbee, Executive Director

Generations Early Learning & Family Center is a division of The St. Francis Foundation, a non-profit corporation established in 1985. The primary purpose of the center is to provide a unique early childhood education program within a residential care facility, which benefits the residents, children, families, and staff members through mutual interactions and continuing relationships.

Greater Bellingham Running Club

Contact Person: None Listed

We are a non profit running club which has be around since 1976. We connect runners, build community and give back. We raised $9660.00 dollars for Bellingham Food Bank in 2018. Also through our Co Sponorsed Run with Haggen we are able to give two $1000.00 Scholarships to a High School College bound student. We are strong supporters of the Girls On The Runs program and Trail Blazers. We also have a shoe voucher program where a coach can nominated an athlete in need and we will help him get into a new pair of shoes. We are about community and are very much into giving back.

Happy Valley PTA

Contact Person: Kate Polselli

Happy Valley PTA supports the teachers, staff, families and students of Happy Valley Elementary by providing classroom materials, enrichment & field trip opportunities, emergency outreach, school events and more. Our mission is to help make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and our community to advocate for all children. This money, if received, would be used to help send our 4th grade students on the Salish Sea Experience Field Trip. This unique learning experience helps bring learning to life by connecting classroom lessons to the local environment in a tangible and authentic way. Students travel to San Juan Island where they observe and interact with many types of marine life in their natural habitats. Scientists share what they’ve learned and teach them skills creating a pathway to understand how human actions impact the quality of life in and around the Salish Sea. Students come away empowered with the importance of simple things they can do that make a difference such as limiting use of plastic bottles, picking up trash, recycling and keeping chemicals and oil from going down the storm drains. These seeds of awareness and action are the starting point to protect the creatures and habitats that are vital the health of our environment and community. With continued nurturing, these seeds have the potential to blossom into the next generation of thoughtful stewards of our local environment and beyond – an essential component for all of us to thrive. ​ Happy Valley PTA works hard each year to fund this learning opportunity. This year, we need to raise an additional $1500 to fully fund our approx. 75 fourth grade students to attend the trip, which will take place in the spring of 2019. .

Homes Now

Contact Person: Jim Peterson

HomesNOW! Not Later is an all-volunteer, privately funded group of people working to provide shelter for the homeless in Bellingham and Whatcom County. Our mission is to address basic human needs of homeless individuals and help them in the process of getting back on their feet.

Interfaith Coalition of Whatcom County

Contact Person: Laura Harker

Interfaith Coalition brings together diverse congregations from Whatcom County to support homeless families and those in poverty.

Keeping K-9s in Kevlar

Contact Person: Kendra Cook

100% of community raised funds purchase safety/training and Kevlar vests for working Police K9s who handle high risk and SWAT calls. The Bellingham Police Department has a new K-9 in need of assistance for his $2,600 Kevlar vest. K-9 Ronin thanks you in advance for your support. Please see our facebook site to meet K-9 Ronin!!! https://www.facebook.com/KeepingK9sinKevlar/ Thank you!

Kulshan Chorus

Contact Person: Patricia Fabiano, Board of Directors

The Kulshan Chorus of Bellingham, Washington is a powerful intergenerational and multicultural choir that has sung to promote human diversity and strengthen social justice in our community for over three decades. With over 130 singers, the Kulshan Chorus has celebrated music from America’s vast cultural roots and from an international range of styles and origins with the goal of promoting a sense of community and increasing visibility to critical social justice issues. Who are the members of the Kulshan Chorus and how do they contribute to the local community? • We are singers who come from a range of political values, life experiences, ages, musical abilities, and spiritual traditions (or no traditions). Our unity comes from a deep love of singing and from a commitment to helping others. • We are social justice activists whose music addresses significant social and environmental issues confronting our community. • We are performance partners raising community awareness and support for organizations like the Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center, the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration, the Interfaith Coalition, Habitat for Humanity, the Sean Humphrey House AIDS Shelter, and the Lummi Nation. • We are supporters of music education for children and adults willing to reach out to schools and community groups to share our commitment to artistic musical endeavors. • We are music enthusiasts who value how music inspires, teaches and unites people from all over the world promoting cultural understanding among divergent host choirs in indigenous villages and towns of Ecuador, rural France and Switzerland, Romania, Costa Rica, Croatia and Norway. • We are advocates for high-quality musical performances for our community. Each year we reach thousands of community members by using the power of choral art to get them civically engaged. • We are collaborators with local musicians, artists, and teachers. Each year the Kulshan Chorus performs two large concerts reaching thousands of members of persons in Bellingham plus smaller individualized concerts for specific educational and community groups in Whatcom County such as the Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration. • We are everyday community people who know how participating in choral music contributes to social connection and individual well-being. The Kulshan Chorus is an iconic community choir that works with singular purpose to make our community and our world better by using the music and art to raise awareness about critical social justice and environmental issues.

LAW Advocates

Contact Person: Michael Heatherly

LAW Advocates provides free legal assistance for low-income Whatcom County residents. www.lawadvocates.org People are not entitled to a free/court-appointed lawyer in most civil matters (for example, to defend against a housing eviction or seek a domestic violence protection order), and LAW Advocates helps fill that need through direct representation and legal clinics such as Access ID (to obtain state-issued ID), Street LAW (drop-in legal advice clinic), Tenant Clinic, Parenting Plan Clinic, and Will Program (estate planning for low-income Seniors).

Lions Camp Horizon

Contact Person: Sharron Sherfick

Lions Camp Horizon is a residential summer camp for teens and adults with disabilities. They are unique in that most camps limit enrollment to individuals under the age of 18. Here, campers never “age out” as there is no upper age limit. Celebrating its 45th year of service, Camp Horizon provides a wide variety of activities for campers of all abilities including an on-site bowling alley. Check our their website at lionscamphorizon.org for more information. Financial assistance (CAMPership Program) is available.

Lydia Place A Nonprofit Corporation

Contact Person: Tally Rabatin

The mission of Lydia Place is to disrupt the cycle of homelessness and promote sustained independence for current and future generation. At Lydia Place, we believe that housing is a basic human right. We believe that in order for an individual to reach their true potential this basic human right must be met.

New Hope Therapeutic Society

Contact Person: Kenneth Murray

We use our funds to feed orphaned children. We also run a small cafe in Sudden Valley and our small profits also help these children in need. Bob Wallin Insurance currently provides our personal and business insurance. Kenneth Murray, Ph.D. New Hope Therapeutic Society

Newborns In Need-Whatcom County

Contact Person: Theresa Adams

They provide essentials (diapers, wipes, clothing, thermometers, etc..) to agencies and individuals in our area. Making sure that babies have what they need for a safe and healthy start no matter the circumstances they are born into.

RE Sources for Sustainable Communities

Contact Person: Shannon Wright

RE Sources promotes sustainable communities and protects the health of northwestern Washington’s people and ecosystems through application of science, education, advocacy and action. RE Sources’ vision is to help people in northwestern Washington live satisfying lives in accord with the ecosystem we depend on — generation after generation. Program areas include Clean Energy, Clean Water, Sustainable Schools, and Bellingham’s well-known RE Store.

Skookum Kids

Contact Person: Laura Ann Poehner

Skookum Kids was founded in 2014 by Ray Deck III in Bellingham, Washington. It exists to repair the foster care system by eliminating the pain points that make life unnecessarily difficult for foster parents and social workers. It does so by involving more people in the care of our most vulnerable children. It is staffed by 13 full-time, seven part-time employees and over 130 volunteers. For more information, visit their website at www.skookumkids.org.

Summit to Sound Search and Rescue

Contact Person: Leisa M Quadt

Summit to Sound personnel are comprised of dedicated Volunteers, who are on call 24-7. Personnel are trained in medical wilderness and Search and Rescue techniques, urban searches for lost or missing persons, evidence searches, special and medical Community events. Summit to Sound is comprised of: K9’s teams, Ground Group/Searchers, Technical Water Rescue, ATV/4×4, EMS and Communications. Summit to Sound is called upon by the Sheriff’s Department for various types of calls in which their highly trained Volunteers may be of assistance. This group not only serves Whatcom County, but have been called out on Mutual Aid to assist Missions in WA, BC and Canada. This organization relies on donations from the Community and from its Members. Summit to Sound has responded to locating Missing Alzheimer’s Persons, injured hikers/skiers, Ski to Sea activities, and many more details. Again this is a Volunteer Organization providing assistance to Whatcom County and it’s Members.

Sustainable Connections

Contact Person: Abbie Lindeberg

Sustainable Connections works to create a world of thriving communities. They connect local businesses to one another, promote local businesses to the community, and offer technical services to help local businesses succeed all throughout Whatcom, Skagit, Island, and San Juan Counties. To create thriving communities, there are many programs and initiatives generated from this non-profit.

In 2018, Sustainable Connections launched a food recovery program. They help connect restaurants, hotels, delis, and caterers with meal centers. With many efforts from Sustainable Connections, the edible, leftover food gets delivered to meal centers, therefore keeping food waste out of the landfills and feeding community members experiencing hunger. After one year, they helped serve 13,500 meals, and kept 12.5 tons of edible food out of the landfill.

Also in 2018, Sustainable Connections created the Whatcom Housing Alliance, an alliance of organizations united to build an affordable, healthy, equitable, thriving, and inclusive community. They launched “Bellingham For Everyone,” a campaign to engage residents of Bellingham to help find and champion housing solutions that work for all. They also launched the second annual Whatcom Housing Week. This was a week worth of educational and explorative events with the focus to combat the unprecedented housing crisis and rising homelessness that is happening county-wide. Whatcom Housing Alliance is working hard to take the feedback learned from this week of events, and to cohesively implement the ideas into future planning.

In addition to these two new initiatives, Sustainable Connections maintains recurring events to educate the public about the importance of supporting local businesses, conducts energy audits with businesses to encourage renewable energy and energy efficiency upgrades, and works closely with local farmers to make sure our local food systems stay vibrant.

Food to Bank on, one of the many projects that Sustainable Connections implements to support local farmers, has been around since 2003. The program is designed to give beginning farmers the tools and resources they need to succeed. Over three years, “rookie” farmers have access to a variety of benefits and resources. 82% of the farmers that start in this program are still farming today.

Sustainable Connections creates creative, effective solutions to boost our local economy. This non-profit serves all of Whatcom County, and some surrounding counties as well. This organization develops strong community connections, and reminds everyone to always think local first.

The Jazz Project

Contact Person: Jud Sherwood

A jazz presenting and educational arts organization dedicated to increasing performance opportunities for local, regional, national and international jazz musicians. Promoting community development by fostering awareness of and appreciation for jazz through concerts, clinics, and educational programs for performers, aficionados, children and their families.

Whatcom County Library Foundation

Contact Person: Jennifer Rick, Foundation Development Director

Whatcom County Library Foundation is a 501c3 organization that creates dynamic opportunities to support libraries as the heart of a democratic society. Founded in 2005, WCLF holds annual Branch Out fundraisers in support of libraries in Whatcom County. This year’s Branch Out is seeking sponsors for the 26 April 2019 fundraiser to be held at the Bellwether Hotel for 200+ attendees. Sponsors will receive recognition as a community leader supporting libraries, reading, and life-long learning.

Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center

Contact Person: Moonwater

The WDRC provides and promotes constructive and collaborative approaches to conflict. We help strengthen our entire community by assisting individuals, families, schools, businesses and organizations with mediation, facilitation, coaching, supervised visitation, and community education. We help people resolve disputes peacefully and collaboratively, and build skills to manage friction and conflict in healthy ways. We serve thousands of people each year, holding precious conversations, inviting creative problem solving, and helping to heal relationships.

Whatcom Humane Society

Contact Person: Courtney Adams

The Whatcom Humane Society’s (WHS) mission is to advocate for animals, educate the community to promote humane treatment and respect for animals, and provide for abandoned, injured, abused or neglected animals. WHS advocates for the right of all animals to be treated with kindness, respect, and compassion. In 2018, we sheltered and provided medical attention for nearly 5,000 domestic and native wild animals. In addition to sheltering services, WHS operates 24-hour Animal Control and Rescue, an in-house veterinary clinic, animal adoptions, and a Safe Pet program for temporary care of animals belonging to victims of domestic violence. We also offer programs for pets of low-income families in Whatcom County, including a Spay and Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP) and a pet food bank. The Whatcom Humane Society does more than respond to all animals in need; it informs and educates the community about the humane treatment of animals. WHS engages the community through workshops for all ages with a variety of topics. We offer programming in schools across the county in our effort to reduce the cycle of pet overpopulation and animal abuse in Whatcom County.

Women Sharing Hope

Contact Person: Karen Evich

Women Sharing Hope is an all volunteer organization devoted to helping women and children based organizations in Whatcom County. This year we are celebrating our “20th Annual Handbag Auction and Champagne Luncheon”, “Themed – Shake Rattle and Roll – Cruising Route 66”. Beneficiaries for this year are: Hope House, Children’s Corner, and Blue Skies for Children, Little Wishes. We will have raised over $1,000,000.00 in our 20 years at this years auction, April 13, 2019.

YWCA of Bellingham

Contact Person: Laverne Lane, Executive Director


YWCA of Bellingham provides transitional housing for up to 36 women that are experiencing homelessness or are at risk of homelessness in the YWCA historic building on Forest St. They also provide free clothing to any woman that needs clothing by appointment at the YWCA “Back to Work” Boutique”.

2018 Results

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We want to thank everyone for their participation in selecting these wonderful non-profits!

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