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Insurance Myths versus Reality!

Insurance can be complex and confusing but that’s the benefit of having a local insurance agency like Bob Wallin Insurance! We welcome the opportunity to discuss your life events and what kind of coverage you need. If we don’t know what you are doing, it’s hard to advise you on various insurance coverages. Here are a few common insurance myths that can help get the conversation started!

“I only need state minimum liability limits”

Some drivers are under the impression that if they carry the lowest limits, that’s all the other person will get; this is untrue. If you cause damage or bodily injury to someone else that exceeds your auto limits, you will be personally and financially responsible for the rest! Have a conversation with your agent so you understand your limits, coverage and what the right plan is for you!

“If my personal property, business property or tools are stolen out of my vehicle, the auto policy will cover it”

Nope! Your personal property will be covered under a renters or homeowners policy, which has a deductible. You would have to have Business Personal Property coverage on a business policy for the business property that was stolen. Your tools would have to be on an equipment policy. Give us a call to discuss the best option for you!

“My policy will cover everything”

Unfortunately, no. Every single type of insurance policy has exclusions and limitations. We recommend an insurance review with one of our knowledgeable agents so you can understand your current coverages and what other coverages you might need.

“Once I get a policy, I don’t need to update my agent with any changes”

Please, please, please tell us if your business has any changes (however slight) or if you make a change to your home, the vehicle you’re driving or add a driver. The more we know about your business and your lifestyle, the better! We can make recommendations based on that information. Don’t hesitate to discussion a potential change or current change with us!

If you have any questions or want to discuss your policies with us, please give us a call, email or shoot us a text!

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